1. Make sure the scanner table is empty.

2. Reset the scanner.

3. After reset you will get the choice to adjust the height of the probe. Click Yes.

4. Make sure that the probe is mounted heigh enough, or just remove the probe to be extra safe, before clicking OK to move down.

5. Lower the probe untill it almost touches the scanner table and fasten it.

6. Now the height (Z axis) of the probe is set.

7. If the tip of the probe is not located at the origin of coordinates then the origin offset values need to be adjusted.

8. Measure the distance between the center of the probe tip and the origin of the coordinates of Scanner table.

9. Click on the Config tab.
In the Spectrum analyzer box, near the Probe setting, click the Edit button.

10. Adjust the values of Origin Offset X and Y with the distances measured in step 8.
Please note! The value for Origin Offset Z is not in use for SCN-5xx series and must be set to zero.

11. Click on the Save and then the Close button.

12. Reset the scanner by repeating steps 2 – 4

13. Repeat step 8 to 12 until the tip of the probe is positioned above the origin of coordinates after a reset.