3D measuring points are based on a 3D surface model in STL file format.
The measuring points are generated to form an offset surface to the STL file.

1. Click on the Meas. points tab.

2. Click on the OPEN button to open an STL-file. Both ASCII and Binary STL-files are supported.

3. The STL-file view can be rotated, zoomed and panned

4. Click on the STL alignment button.
Make sure the 3D model (STL-file) is aligned with the physical object on the scanner table by using the STL-alignment feature described in detail on page 103.

5. Set up the scanning area

6. Click on the Generate MP3D button to generate the measuring points.
Generation may take some time if the 3D model is complex. A blue bar will show the progress.
Generation can be stopped by clicking again on the same button.