Basically, a Multi-Scan measurement is a series of Pre-Scan measurements, one in every measuring position.

From these Pre-Scan measurements field plots similar to Scan measurements, are generated. So when viewing the result from a Multi-Scan measurement any frequency can be chosen to look at in detail.

  • The spectrum analyzer is reset
  • The Scanner moves to the first measuring position.
  • Basic settings are transferred to the spectrum analyzer
  • The spectrum analyzer is set to max hold mode.
    (Max hold means that the highest amplitude at each frequency is kept.)
  • The spectrum analyzer takes a number of sweeps.
  • The trace data is transferred to the software.
  • Max hold mode is cleared.
  • The Scanner moves to the next measuring position.
  • Steps 4 to 8 are repeated until all measuring positions are measured.
  • The Scanner moves to its starting position.