The Option SLDM sensors operate with a semiconductor laser with a wavelength of 670 nm (visible/red).

The sensors fall within Laser Class 2 (II). The laser is operated on a pulsed mode, the maximum optical power is ≤ 1 mW.

The pulse frequency depends on the adjusted measuring rate (0.25 ... 4 kHz).

The pulse duration of the peaks is regulated depending on the measuring rate and reflectivity of the target and can be 0.3 ... 3999.6 µs.

Observe the laser protection regulations. Although the laser output is low, directly looking into the laser beam must be avoided. Close your eyes or immediately turn away if the laser beam hits the eye.

The housing of the optical sensors may only be opened by the manufacturer.

For repair and service purposes, the sensors must always be sent to the manufacturer.

Lasers of Class 2 (II) are not subject to notification and a laser protection officer is not required. During operation of the sensor, the pertinent regulations according to IEC 60825-1 on „Safety of laser products“ must be fully observed at all times. The sensor complies with all applicable laws for the manufacturer of laser devices.


  • Avoid unnecessary laser radiation to be exposed to the human body.


  • Switch off the sensor for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified may cause harm.
  • Connect the power supply and the display-/output device according to the safety regulations for electrical equipment. (Damage to or destruction of the sensor)
  • Avoid shocks and impacts to the sensor. (Damage to or destruction of the sensor)
  • The laser option can be used only with original power supply (Damage to or destruction of the sensor)
  • Protect the sensor cable against damage. (Failure of the measuring device)
  • Avoid constant exposure of sensor to splashes of water. (Damage to or destruction of the sensor)
  • Avoid exposure of sensor to aggressive media like detergents, cooling emulsions. (Damage to or destruction of the sensor)