The machine may only be used in accordance with the provisions of this manual. For the damage caused by use of the machine for other applications then the machine has been developed, closes the manufacturer Detectus AB/ Pendulum Instruments Sp. z o.o from any liability.


  • Before commissioning the machine, make sure that the mains voltage (that is specified on the name plate of the individual components) is in accordance with the existing mains voltage in your plant or working place. A wrong voltage can destroy the machine and its components. The machine may be connected to any AC supply with a voltage rating of 100 to 240 Vrms, 50 to 60 Hz. The machine automatically adjusts itself to the input line voltage.
  • Under no circumstances should you operate a machine at the locations where there could be a risk of water and other liquids penetrating.
  • The dimensions of the machine must be taken into the consideration to prevent moving axis from crushing into objects around it.
  • Make sure that support table that machine is placed on, is capable of withstanding the weight and dynamic forces of the scanner and the test object. Inadequate support table can break and cause the machine to fall off.
  • Clean plastic and painted surfaces of the machine with a suitable cleaning agent only (household, non-abrasive cleaning agents). Using inappropriate agents may destroy surfaces of the machine. The metal rails and screw is supposed to be greased and must not be wiped dry.
  • Temperature of the test objects should be less than 100 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures may cause surfaces of the machine to melt and potentially cause a fire hazard.
  • The machine must not be placed in potentially explosive atmospheres.


  • To avoid electrical shock do not insert objects into the machine imports; except for the intended replacement of parts in accordance to this User Manual.
  • For the implementation of maintenance work always disconnect the machine from the AC power grid.
  • Opening the machine for repair or any other purpose may lead to exposure to live wires and as a result cause electric shock. Only authorized service technicians are allowed to perform the aforementioned actions.
  • When laying out the mains cable be careful that you avoid tripping hazards and prevent damage to the electric main.
  • Ensure cables of the scanner/test object are free from damage and do not have any non-standard joints or show any signs of overheating. Cracked wire insulation caused by heat, age, corrosion or bending may lead to electric shock.
  • Be sure not to put your fingers, hair or clothing close to  the  moving  sections  in  order  prevent  pinching or accident that can result in personal injury. Operators are required to wear the proper clothing at all times, hair should be covered to avoid entanglement. Jewellery such as rings and necklaces must also be removed.