1. Fast Data transfer over remote interfaces

The bus transfer rate is up to 200 measurements/s for individually triggered measurements, and 170k measurements/s in block transfer mode. Array measurements to the internal memory can reach 20M measurements/s.

This very high measurement rate makes new measurements possible. For example, you can perform jitter analysis on several tens of thousands of pulse width measurements and capture and transfer them in less than a second.

The 4-channel parallel frequency measurement architecture significantly improves measurement speed, compared to using 4 separate frequency counters, and individually addresses them in a sequence.

The CNT-104S also features data streaming “forever” of gap-free measurements. This means you could leave CNT-104S in a field site, either connected to a local PC or connected to a local network, to monitor e.g., 4 different synchronization signals for a week or two and come back and collect tons of gap-free data for analysis.

Programmer’s Handbook helps you understand SCPI and the Analyzer’s programming. Complete counter settings can be stored and can easily be recalled on a later occasion.