This measurement function is handy if one needs to capture individual periods of continuous signals or single cycles which are less than 50 ns. Individual periods starting from 2.5 ns can be captured.

This is not a back-to-back measurement, meaning that there is a dead-time of 50 ns between the samples if High-Speed license is installed, 1 us otherwise. 2 signals can be measured in parallel. Up to 16 million samples total can be measured in a single measurement session.

Unlike Frequency/Period Average and their Smart versions, Period Single doesn’t use wide hysteresis. So only one comparator is used on A, B, D, E and Trigger Mode Auto sets trigger level to the middle of signal voltage range (Relative Trigger Level 50%).

Please, note: when measuring non-continuous signal or single cycles, Trigger Mode Auto/Relative might fail to find proper trigger level. One need to fall back to Manual Trigger Mode in this case.