1. Manual Totalize

If neither Start nor Stop Arming is used, Totalize operates in so-called Manual Totalize mode.

In this mode RESTART button start counting trigger events, while HOLD/RUN button is used to pause and resume the counting. Sample Interval setting has no effect, samples are generated each 100 ms.

2. Timed Totalize

Setting Start Arming Source to Off and Stop Arming Source to Timer enables so-called Totalize Timed Mode.

In this mode RESTART button start counting trigger events for time duration set by Sample Interval (which defines the length of Totalize Gate). Single sample is generated after the end of the Gate.

3. Armed Totalize

If both Start Arming Source and Stop Arming Source are set, then start and stop arming events define start and stop of Totalize Gate for each Sample (Arm On setting is ignored, the Analyzer uses arming in Sample implicitly).

See 4.6 Arming for details on this Totalize mode.