See 6.2 Measuring 1 PPS if signal is below 100 Hz.


  • The basic setting Sample Interval in the Measurement menu is central to all Frequency related measurement. This setting means the same as Measuring time, or Gate time, used by other counter manufacturers.

A long Sample Interval (Gate time) increases resolution (counting during a longer time) but decreases measurement speed. The Sample Interval is always a compromise between how many digits you want to read, and how fast you want to take your frequency samples. For normal bench use - 200 ms is a good choice, because it is hard for the eye to follow faster changes in the displayed value.

The CNT-104S will give 12-13 digits resolution with 1 s Sample Interval, 9 digits with 1 ms Sample interval, and 6 digits with 1 μs Sample Interval

  • Use AC Coupling because possible DC offset is normally undesirable.
  • Use Trigger Mode Auto and/or Autoset.
  • Use Preamp ON for signals with amplitudes below 200 mVpp.

Please note: amplifying the signal also amplifies the noise.

  • Sample Interval of 200 ms is a reasonable tradeoff between measurement speed and resolution on the bench.