There are 2 ways of updating firmware of the Analyzer:

Update via Web Interface (preferred):

  • Download SW update file (it has .swu extension) to your PC
  • Connect CNT-104S to LAN: either via ethernet cable or use supported Wi-Fi dongle to connect via Wi-Fi
  • On CNT-104S open Settings -> User Options -> Network to check or set current IP address
  • On PC, open web browser and put CNT-104S address to adress field. CNT-104S Web Interface will open
  • Click Software Update link on top right and follow the instructions

Update via USB stick:

  • Copy SW update file (it has .swu extension) to USB stick
  • Insert USB stick to one of the CNT-104S front panel USB ports
  • On CNT-104S Open Settings -> User Options -> Firmware Update to open Firmware Update screen
  • On CNT-104S Firmware Update screen tap/click on SW update file. SW update will start. No progress indication will be displayed - wait until CNT-104S reboots