Limits feature is used for setting numerical limits and selecting the way the instrument will report the measurement results in relation to them.

Figure 48. Limits configuration

Limit Behavior setting defines how the device will react on limits:

  • Off - limits are not checked.
  • Capture - only samples meeting the limit criterion are captured, the rest are discarded. Limit status is displayed.
  • Alarm - all samples are captured; limit status is displayed.
  • Alarm Stop - measurement session stops if measured value doesn't meet the limit criterion.

Limit Type:

  • Above - results above set Lower Limit will pass.
  • Below - results below set Upper Limit will pass.
  • Range - results within the set limits will pass.

Limits can be applied to all measurement series or to selected one, depending on user’s choice.

When Limit Behavior is not Off, Analyzer status bar shows LIM. It will change to LIM! if at least one sample didn’t meet set Limit criterion during measurement session.

Numeric, Graph and Distribution screens will also have additional Limit indicators displayed.