• Connect the pulse generator to a power splitter.
  • Connect one side of the power splitter to Input A on the Analyzer using a coaxial cable.
  • Connect the other side of the power splitter to Input B on the Analyzer.

Settings for the pulse generator:

  • Amplitude = 4 Vpp, (high level +4 V and low level 0 V) Period = approx. 1 ms
  • Duration = approx. 50 ns
  • Rise time = 2 ns

Settings for the Analyzer:

  • Recall Defaults,
  • Select Time Interval Single A, B,
  • Set for Inputs A & B: 50 Ω, DC coupling, Manual Trigger Levels,
  • Set Absolute Trigger Level A to +1 V,
  • Set Absolute Trigger Level B to +1 V,

The standard deviation (std) should be less than 140 ps, corresponding to a resolution of 7 ps per timestamp.