Trigger Hold-Off

Time Delay Range: 20 ns to 2 s in 10 ns steps

External Start and Stop Arming


  • Start Arming
  • Stop Arming
  • Ext. Gate (combined Start and Stop Arming)

Arming channels: A, B, D, E or rear panel ARM

Arming delay to first trigger ready: <5 ns (typ.)

Start/Stop Time Delay Range: 20 ns to 2 sec.


Functions: Maximum, Minimum, Mean, Δmax-min, Standard Deviation and Allan Deviation

Display: Numeric or frequency distribution graph

Sample Size: 2 to 16x106 samples

Max. sample rate:

  • up to 140 kSa/s calculated
  • up to 20 MSa/s captured

Limit alarm

Graphical indication of limits with Pass/Fail message on front panel,

Limit Qualifier: OFF or Capture values above, below, inside or outside limits

Sample Interval (Gate time)

The Sample Interval sets the measuring time (gate) in Frequency/Period modes, the timing gate in Totalized timed measurements, and the time between measurements/samples in all other modes.

Range: OFF or 50 ns to 1000 sec.


Functions: OFF, (K*X-L)/M, (K/X-L)/M, X/M-1 X is current reading, and K (Scale factor), L (Nulling value) and M (Reference value) are constants

Other Functions

Timebase Reference: Internal, External or Autoselected

Restart: Aborts current measurement and starts a new

Run/Hold: Switch between RUN (continuous measurements) and HOLD (Freezes result, until a new measurement is initiated via Restart)

Save and Recall Settings and Measurements

Instrument Set-ups can be saved/recalled. Setups saved to internal memory can be user protected.

Measurement results (RAM) can be accessed by connected PC, and/or saved in internal non-volatile memory, and moved to USB stick.

Max. Measurement Speed and Storage size (RAM):

20 MSa/s (1 to 4 inputs): 16k samples

12.5 to 3.125 MSa/s (1 to 4 inputs): 32M samples


Display: Graphic screen for menu control, numerical read-out, status information, plus distribution, trend and time-line graphs

Resolution: 1280x720 pixels

Type: Color Touch 5” TFT LCD display with backlight

Front panel accessible tools: Graph smoothing, pan and zoom, cursor read-out