A unique performance feature in your new instrument is the comprehensive arming possibilities, which allow you to characterize virtually any type of complex signal concerning frequency and time.

For instance, you can insert a delay between the external arming condition and the actual arming of the counter. Read more about Arming in Chapter 5, "Measurement Control".

In addition to the traditional measurement functions of a timer/counter, these instruments have a multitude of other functions such as phase, duty factor, rise/fall-time and peak voltage. The counter can perform all measurement functions on both main inputs (A & B). Most measurement functions can be armed, either via one of the main inputs or via a separate arming channel (E).

By using the built-in mathematics and statis­tics functions, the instrument can process the measurement results on your benchtop, with­out the need for a controller. Math functions include inversion, scaling and offset. Statistics functions include Max, Min and Mean as well as Standard and Allan Deviation on sample sizes up to 2*109.