These counters are not only extremely power­ful and versatile bench-top instruments, they also feature extraordinary bus properties.

The bus transfer rate is up to 4000 triggered measurements/s in CNT-91(R). Array mea­surements to the internal memory can reach 250 k measurements/s.

This very high measurement rate makes new measurements possible. For example, you can perform jitter analysis on several tens of thousands of pulse width measurements and cap­ture them in less than a second.

An extensive Programmer's Handbook helps you understand SCPI and counter program­ming.

The counter is easy to use in GPIB environ­ments. A built-in bus-learn mode enables you to make all counter settings manually and transfer them to the controller. The response can later be used to reprogram the counter to the same settings. This eliminates the need for the occasional user to learn all individual pro­gramming codes.

Complete (manually set) counter settings can also be stored in 20 internal memory locations and can easily be recalled on a later occasion. Ten of them can be user protected.