By depressing this key once after selecting the wanted measurement function and input channel, you will most probably get a measure­ment result. The AUTOSET system ensures that the trigger levels are set optimally for each combination of measurement function and input signal amplitude, provided rela­tively normal signal waveforms are applied. If Manual Trigger has been selected before pressing the AUTOSET key, the system will make the necessary adjustments once (Auto Once) and then return to its inactive condition.

AUTOSET performs the following functions:

  • Set automatic trigger levels
  • Switch attenuators to 1x
  • Turn on the display
  • Set Auto Trig Low Freq to
    • 100 Hz, if fin >100 Hz, or to
    • fin, if 10<fin<100 Hz, or to
    • 10 Hz, if fin <10 Hz

A higher value means faster settling time.

By depressing this key twice within two sec­onds, you will enter the Preset mode, and a more extensive automatic setting will take place. In addition to the functions above, the following functions will be performed:

  • Set Meas Time to 200 ms
  • Switch off Hold-Off
  • Set HOLD/RUN to RUN
  • Switch off MATH/LIM
  • Switch off Analog and Digital Filters
  • Set Timebase Ref to Auto
  • Switch off Arming

Default Settings

An even more comprehensive preset function can be performed by recalling the factory de­fault settings. See page 2-16.