Sometimes you may want to enter constants and limits in a value input menu, for instance one of those that you can reach when you press the MATH/LIMIT key.

You may also want to select a value that is not in the list of fixed values available by pressing the UP/DOWN arrow keys. One example is Meas Time under SETTINGS.

A similar situation arises when the desired value is too far away to reach conveniently by incrementing or decrementing the original value with the UP/DOWN arrow keys. One example is the Trig Lvl setting as part of the INPUT A (B) settings.

Whenever it is possible to enter numeric val­ues, the keys marked with 0-9;. (decimal point) and ± (stands for Change Sign)take on their alternative numeric meaning.

It is often convenient to enter values using the scientific format. For that purpose, the rightmost softkey is marked EE (stands for Enter Exponent), making it easy to switch be­tween the mantissa and the exponent. Press EXIT/OK to store the new value or CANCEL to keep the old one.