Toggle between manual and automatic trigger­ing with this softkey. When Auto is active the counter automatically measures the peak-to-peak levels of the input signal and sets the trigger level to 50% of that value. The attenuation is also set automatically.

At rise/fall time measurements the trigger lev­els are automatically set to 10% and 90% of the peak values.

When Manual is active the trigger level is set in the value input menu designated Trig. See below. The current value can be read on the display before entering the menu.


The Auto-function measures amplitude and calculates trigger level rapidly, but if you aim at higher measurement speed without having to sacrifice the benefits of automatic trigger­ing, then use the Auto Trig Low Freq func­tion to set the lower frequency limit for volt­age measurement.

If you know that the signal you are interested in always has a frequency higher than a cer­tain value flow , then you can enter this value from a value input menu. The range for flow is 1 Hz to 100 kHz, and the default value is 100 Hz. The higher value, the faster measure­ment speed due to more rapid trigger level voltage detection.

Even faster measurement speed can be reached by setting the trigger levels manually. See Trig below.

Follow the instructions here to change the low-frequency limit:

  • Press SETTINGS->Misc->Auto Trig Low Freq.
  • Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys or the nu­meric input keys to change the low fre­quency limit to be used during the trigger level calculation, (default 100 Hz).
  • Confirm your choice and leave the SET­TINGS menu by pressing EXIT/OK three times.