Value input menu for entering the trigger level manually.

Use the UP/DOWN arrow keys or the nu­meric input keys to set the trigger level. A blinking underscore indicates the cursor po­sition where the next digit will appear. The LEFT arrow key is used for correction, i.e. deleting the position preceding the current cursor position.

Fig. 3-9 Value input menu for setting the trigger level.

NOTE:  It is probably easier to make small ad­justments around a fixed value by us­ing the arrow keys for incrementation or decrementation. Keep the keys de­pressed for faster response

NOTE:   Switching over from AUTO to MAN Trig­ger Level is automatic if you enter a trigger level manually.

Auto Once

Converting "Auto" to "Fixed"

The trigger levels used by the auto trigger can be frozen and turned into fixed trigger levels simply by toggling the MAN/AUTO key. The current calculated trigger level that is visible on the display under Trig will be the new fixed manual level. Subsequent measurements will be considerably faster since the signal levels are no longer monitored by the instrument. You should not use this method if the signal levels are unstable.

NOTE: You can use auto trigger on one input and fixed trigger levels on the other.