About this Manual

This manual contains directions for use that apply to the Timer/Counter/Analyzers CNT-90 and CNT-91 as well as the Frequency Calibrator/Analyzer CNT-91R and CNT-91R/AF and the Mi­crowave Counter/Analyzer CNT-90XL.

In order to simplify the references, these instruments are further referred to throughout this manual as the '9X', whenever the information applies to all types. Differences are clearly marked.


  • CNT-90 means CNT-90 and CNT-90/XL
  • CNT-90/91 means CNT-90 and CNT-91
  • CNT-91(R) means CNT-91, CNT-91R and CNT-91R/AF

Chapter 8, Specifications is divided into four separate sections to increase legibility. Much of the contents is common, so redundant data is the price in this case.


The Warranty Statement is part of the folder Important Information that is included with the shipment.

Declaration of Conformity

The complete text with formal statements concerning product identification, manufacturer and standards used for type testing is available on request.