Enables or disables signal attenuation on an input

Parameter syntax: Attenuation<Input>

where Input is one of A, B, D, E. For example: AttenuationA

Possible values: 1x, 10x, Auto

Default value (RST condition): 1x


This setting allow to enable attenuation for situations when measurement signal amplitude is too big for an input.

1x - 1x attenuation is used for corresponding input (corresponds to no attenuation)

10x - 10x attenuation is used for corresponding input (signal is decreased 10 times).

Auto - Attenuation is auto-selected is used for corresponding input.

Correct auto-trigger operation operation and voltage measurements are possible for the following input signal voltage ranges depending on attenuation and preamplifier settings.

Attenuation=1x-5 … +5 V-1.5 .. +1.5 V
Attenuation=10x-50 ... +50 V-15 .. +15 V
Attenuation=Auto-50 ... +50 V-1.5 .. +1.5 V

Note! When measuring voltage-related signal characteristics, measurement results displayed on the screen and provided by SCPI queries are not decreased 10 times when attenuation is enabled. Even though the signal is attenuated inside the instrument, resulting data are scaled back to original scale.


SYST:CONF "AttenuationA = 10x"