Enables or disables signal amplification inside the instrument for an input.

Parameter syntax: Preamplifier<Input>

where Input is one of A, B, D, E. For example: PreamplifierA

Possible values: Off, On

Default value (RST condition): Off


Allows to amplify input signal. It is recommended to turn amplification on only if input signal has low amplitude.

Off - Preamplifier in off for corresponding input

On - Preamplifier in on for corresponding input

Correct auto-trigger operation and voltage measurements are possible for the following input signal voltage ranges depending on attenuation and preamplifier settings.

Attenuation=1x-5 … +5 V-1.5 .. +1.5 V
Attenuation=10x-50 ... +50 V-15 .. +15 V
Attenuation=Auto-50 ... +50 V-1.5 .. +1.5 V


SYST:CONF "PreamplifierA = On"