This parameter specifies how the instrument selects trigger levels for measurement comparators. Trigger levels can be set automatically by the instrument or specified by the user.

Parameter syntax: TriggerMode<Input>

where <Input> is one of A, B, D, E, for example: TriggerModeA

Possible values: Auto, Relative, Manual

Default value (RST condition): Auto


Auto- Preliminary voltage measurement will be performed to find out signal voltage range and set trigger levels to best values for selected measurement function.

Depending on measurement function selected trigger levels will be automatically set to percentage values of signal voltage range:

  • 10% for the main comparator, 90% for the supplementary comparator for signal edge related functions: RiseTime/FallTime/RiseFallTime/PositiveSlewRate/NegativeSlewRate
  • 70% for the main comparator, 30% for the supplementary comparator for the functions with hysteresis on: Frequency/FrequencyRatio/frequencySmart/PeriodAverage/PeriodAverageSmart/TIE
  • 50% for both main and supplementary comparators for all other functions

Relative- Preliminary measurement is preformed, but you can adjust trigger levels relative to the measured signal voltage range, in percents, using RelativeTriggerLevel parameter.

Manual- Trigger levels are set accordingly to values specified by AbsoluteTriggerLevel parameter. It is recommended to use this mode only in cases when Autoset fails to find the best settings.


SYST:CONF "TriggerModeA=Auto"