The GPS-12X comes as standard with two 2.048/1.544 MHz square wave outputs and one 1 pps pulse output with approx. 10 µs duration. TheGPS-12RGhasalso3x10MHz and 1x5MHz outputs. See Option 70B below. There are six options to choose from, options 70B, 71B, 72B, 73B, 74B and 79/01. All but the 79/01 allow for four extra frequency outputs to be mounted. Any combination of none, one or two of these units is possible. Only one 79/01can be mounted.

Option 70B gives 3x10 MHz and 1x5 MHz sine wave outputs, 1 VRMS in 50 Ω. The GPS-12RG is as standard equipped with one such option.

Option 71B gives four sine wave outputs, 1VRMS in 50 Ω, of resp. 10 MHz, 5 MHz, 1 MHz and 0.1 MHz.

Option 72B gives 2 x 2.048 MHz clock outputs,±1.2 V square wave in 75 Ω, plus 2 x 2.048 Mbps data outputs (G.703:10), for telecommunication testing and clock synchro-nization.

Option 73B gives 4 x 13 MHz square wave out-puts with TTL levels in 50 Ω.

Option 74B gives 2 x 1.544 MHz plus 2 x 1.544 Mbps outputs for SONET applications.

Option 79/01 gives 2 x 10 MHz sine wave outputs, 1 VRMS in 50 Ω, plus 1 x 1 pps output, TTL levels in 50 Ω, plus 1 x 1 pps disciplining input, TTL levels.