The shipment should contain the following:

  • The frequency standard.
  • A line cord.
  • A CD with PDF manuals for Pendulum products, e.g. this manual.
  • If you ordered one or two of the output options (70B, 71B, 72B, 73B, 74B), or the disciplining option (79/01), or one of the DC supply options (77, 78, 78/HS), they should already be installed. See “Identifi-cation” below.

The warranty commitments are rendered void if unauthorized access to the interior of the instrument has taken place during the given warranty period.

  • If you ordered one of the DC supply op-tions (77, 78/HS), a three-pole power D- sub socket connector is included that mates with the corresponding rear panel pin connector. It is intended for making a wire harness suitable for linking the instru-ment to an external DC power source.
  • Other options you ordered, e.g. antenna (option 01), antenna cable (option 02), rack mount kit (option 22) or carrying case (option 27/27H) are shipped in sepa-rate boxes.
  • Certificate of Calibration.