The Warranty Statement is part of the folder Important Information that is included with the shipment.

Declaration of Conformity

The complete text with formal statements concerning product identification, manufacturer and standards used for type testing is available on request.

Convention of Notation

Most information in thismanual is common to all models.When the type number is used as a reference to any of them, the designationGPS-12X has been chosen for the sake of simplicity. Otherwise the device is referred to with its proper type number, e.g. GPS-12 or GPS-12RG. Sometimes twotype numbers are combined, e.g. GPS-12(R) means GPS-12 and GPS-12R.
Figures illustrating themenu screens are generic.Where necessary, clarifying remarks or additional figures have been included.
GNSS stands for Global Navigational Satellite System and is an acronym that refers to all satellite-based navigational systems. In thismanual itmeans either GPS or GLONASS and is, for example,
used in the graphical user interface whenever reference to a particular system is not necessary.

Front Panel Design

The picture illustrating the front panel in Chapter 3 shows the GPS-12, which is the latest addition to this product family, now consisting of three models. During a transition period the other models will be delivered with their present front panels. The two different designs are shown below for informative reasons.