1. Controller module

The “TTL Inputs” accept a TTL-compatible signal with amplitude between 0 and +5V, i.e. logic LOW and HIGH . Do not apply any negative voltage!

External trigger: After choosing menu OUT->External triggering a LOW level at this input will perform command “Run” while HIGH level (default) will execute the “STOP” command. LOW level may be achieved by simply shorting the input to ground.

External clock: A square wave, no minimum frequency. Observe the output to establish the max frequency.

Forward/Reverse: A LOW level (for example shorting to ground) will immediately reverse the direction of the waveform scanning. Provide a clean, debounced signal. (New in WFG600)

Hold: A LOW level at this input will hold the current amplitudes at all outputs until released. (New in WFG600)

2. Summing module

3. Timer module / Output channels

The channels are numbered from LEFT to RIGHT.