1. Caution and Warning Statements

CAUTION: Shows where incorrect procedures can cause damage to, or destruction of equipment or other property.

The instrument cannot be powered from a DC-AC converter nor from a solid-state AC generator with non-sinusoidal output. It is recommended to monitor the output signal of the amplifier on the oscilloscope.

WARNING: Shows a potential danger that requires correct procedures or practices to prevent personal injury.

Red BNC contacts are high voltage outputs. Do not make/change connection during operation due to dangerous voltage levels.

High voltage outputs can only be connected to high voltage inputs on the summing modules, marked -IN and +IN, respectively. Never connect high voltage outputs to TTL inputs nor to each other.

Inside the WFG600 exist dangerously high voltage levels. Do not open the instrument!

2. If in Doubt about Safety

Whenever you suspect that it is unsafe to use the instrument, you must make it inoperative by doing the following:

  • Disconnect the line cord
  • Clearly mark the instrument to prevent its further operation
Fig. 1‑1 Do not overlook the safety instructions!
  • Inform your Pendulum Instruments representative.

For example, the instrument is likely to be un­safe if it is visibly damaged.