1. Operating modes

  • continuous,
  • continuous with frame counting,
  • burst,
  • burst with waveform inversion,
  • multiple burst,
  • script (programmable burst and roll sequences),
  • matrix (emulating a 4×4 part of a virtual matrix)
  • forward/reverse direction (controlled by an external signal, low = reverse)
  • halt indefinetly (controlled by an external signal, active low)

2. Outputs

  • high-voltage output of generated waveforms (red BNC)
  • low voltage waveform monitor output
  • pulse-attached control bit (TTL level), each channel
  • oscilloscope trigger pulse (TTL level, multiple trigger points possible)
  • low-voltage superposition of two channels, inputs are made for high voltage

3. Inputs

  • external clock (internally divided by 2)
  • external trigger (active high)
  • waveform direction
  • halt waveform

4. Timing

resolution: max 12287 pulses of 3÷32767 clock units wide each (i.e. 15 bits resolution); every pulse may have different width

clocks: 20 MHz (crystal controlled, 1 time unit = 50 ns; default),
1 MHz (crystal controlled, 1 time unit = 1 μs),
≤1kHz (software controlled, adjustable in multiples of 1 ms), external.

pulse width: min 150ns (with 20 MHz internal clock)

5. Amplitude

max: ±100V, 185mA; other models: ±200V 120mA, ±400V 60mA

output impedance: ≤ 0.1 Ω

load: resistive || capacitive

slew rate: ca 400 V/μs at load ≤350pF

resolution: 12 bits (1 lsb = 50 mV in ±100V model)

accuracy: ±1LSB or ≤2% of setting, limited by settling time

Settled amplitude is independent on the load within the current limits.

6. Interface

serial (RS232), 57600 baud, 8bit, N, 1

7. Power supply

either 220/230V or 110/120V or 100V (factory setting), 50/60Hz, 160W
clean sinewave AC required (high voltage power supply contains a toroidal transformer)

8. Case

nVENT RatiopacPRO 19″ (3HE 84TE)

9. Computer

PC: Minimum requirements: any PC running Windows95 or above, including Windows 10, having a free serial port or USB-to-serial converter and a color monitor of at least 800×600 resolution.

Macintosh: Minimum requirements: any Macintosh with a serial port acting as “printer” or “modem” port, running MacOS 7 to 9 (including MacOS X in Classic mode) and at least 10Mb free RAM.

Software updates: Free download of all software for the waveform generator from the Company’s web site pendulum-instruments.com