1. Run self-test

  • Press and keep the RESET button on the generator.
  • Observe the LED diodes. The six LEDs in the control module should light on and none in the other modules.
  • Release the RESET button.
  • Observe the LED diodes. LED diodes on all modules will sequentially blink and then all LEDs should be off. This means that the generator has successfully performed the self-test and is ready for operation.
  • If this test fails – contact the manufacturer.

2. Red ERROR LED is on

  • There was a communication error, probably caused by an unexpected command sent to the generator. It may occur if the generator was reset and the computer program was not notified. Execute OUT->CONFIGURE CHANNELS command to cancel the error. If the problem persists reset the generator and invoke the OUT->DISCONNECT command.
  • If you always get an error then check the communications speed. You need a software communicating at 57600 baud. Older instruments require 19200 baud.
  • Do not forget to Select the baud rate in FILE->PREFERENCES.
  • If the error occurs in response to a certain function in the software you might need a firmware update. Please contact Pendulum Instruments.

3. “TIME OUT” message when trying to communicate

  • Observe the blue “COM” LED on the control panel while executing OUT->CONFIGURE CHANNELS command – it should briefly light on. If there is no light blink – check the cable and port connections.

The new WFG600 uses a PC-standard modem cable pinout. A standard straight serial cable can be used here.

The WFG400 and some older versions of WFG500 used a Macintosh-standard printer cable pinout. Two cables were supplied with the instrument. Please use the supplied serial communication cable since a standard PC cable will not work.

If you use USB-to-serial converter please check the port number that was assigned and select it in the “Preferences” dialog (Windows computers).

If uncertain please contact Pendulum Instruments (send email to service@pendulum-instruments.com).

Mac: Change the serial port. The software rev 5.x is compiled for the “printer” port (the one with a printer symbol) as standard, and the software with suffix MP was compiled for the “modem” port (the one with a telephone symbol). Software rev 4.x (for WFG400) was compiled for the modem port.

USB-Mac: Newer Macintosh models do not have serial ports and an USB-serial converter or a serial port card has to be used (for example a Keyspan SXpro card). Typically, the Port#1 emulates the Mac printer port. If uncertain consult your Mac dealer or FLC Electronics AB.

  • “Time out” may also occur when running a very slow waveform since the system waits for the waveform to end. Confirm the “Keep waiting?” dialog to continue or press RESET button on the WFG600 to abort and reset the generator.

4. No channels exist in configuration dialog

  • The communication speed is wrong. WFG400 communicates at 19200 baud; WFG500 and WFG600 at 57600 baud. Use a proper version of the software.
  • Check if correct baud rate is selected in FILE->PREFERENCES.

5. “Serial port occupied” message

  • (Mac only) Check AppleTalk and Modem settings in the Control Panels. On PowerBooks with only one serial connection turn the AppleTalk off. On USB Mac check the control panel of the serial adapter.

6. Error LED while executing a command

If the problem repeats at the same place use older revision of the software, as it might use commands not supported in the waveform generator hardware (WFG600 is constantly expanding). Contact Pendulum Instruments for advice.

7. Still wrong …

  • Restart the computer and reset the generator (as usual in such cases).
  • Define the problem and send email to Pendulum Instruments, service@penduluminstruments. com.

8. Feedback

  • Please inform us also if you discover bugs in the program, dislike any part of its behavior or wish to have some additional features.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions concerning the program or the instrument itself.