This VI allows you to change Voltage values and triggers of the timing data which is already stored in the generator. You specify arrays containing addresses, voltages [-100…100], c-bit data and channel data. The address is given as a pulse number, 1 being the first pulse [1…12287]. You should take care that all arrays have the same size, however in the case that the C-bits array contains less elements it will be filled up with extra false' (no trigger) elements. If Addresses, Voltages or Channels contains less elements it will become dominant, and only those pulses with complete data will be sent starting from the first elements in the arrays. A valid element of the Channels array is a number that represents the binary translation of the eight possible channels, atrue' will address that channel, e.g 4 (00000100) selects channel 3 only, 192 (11000000) selects channel 8 and 7 etc. Only the selected channels will be affected.