This vi opens a pop-up panel in which you must assign each available channel a waveform or action. The vi probes automatically which channels are available on the generator connected to the VISA reference.

The input array of strings “Waveform name(s)” is in principle unlimited. This means that you can not only pass the physical waveforms themselves, but also actions related to that string. The output “channel data” contains as much elements as the “waveform name(s)” input. If elements are added for actions, e.g. as is or set zero, this must be detected afterwards and these elements should be removed from the “channel data” before they are replaced in the waveform cluster.

The input “Channels” can be used to preload a choice of the channels. If the given channel array is non-unique (e.g. a channel is assigned twice or more) the last in order will be pre-loaded.