Creating modular programs such as subvi’s is something entirely different from creating a stand alone program such as that delivered with your WFG 500. Extreme care has been taken to make all VIs robust but at the same time execution speed has been an important factor. The communication with the waveform generator is based on the VISA system.

As for handling the data in LabVIEW the best way to represent a waveform is in a two dimensional array. In this way one immediately avoids the chance that individual waveforms and timing contain different amounts of data. Another important issue is that one should work with the ‘real’ values, that is true times, e.g. microseconds, and true voltages. A number of VIs are included that perform conversion of the data to and from this format as well as VIs which provide easy tools to handle the data.

This version of the drivers does not yet support the use of couplings. When you import data from a file the couplings will be ignored.