The toolbox is composed for use with LabVIEW version 6.0.2 and is now recompiled for LabVIEW version 8 compatible with present software revisions.

In order to take advantage of all the toolbox VIs you also need the core driver, you can install them together as one package. The VIs in the toolbox are backward compatible with the previous release, however those VIs that no longer serve any purpose or whose functionality has been taken over by the core driver have been removed.

The following were removed as they are no longer necessary:

  • FLCWFG Build Timing
  • FLCWFG Build Waveform
  • FLCWFG End Data
  • FLCWFG Log
  • FLCWFG T-Data To
  • FLCWFG V-Data To
  • FLCWFG Write &
  • FLCWFG Write To

The functions of the following VIs are available in the core driver:

  • FLCWFG Burst and Invert (LCWFG500 Configure
  • FLCWFG Clock (LCWFG500 Configure
  • FLCWFG Errorcode (LCWFG500 Error
  • FLCWFG Normal (LCWFG500 Configure
  • FLCWFG Ready (LCWFG500 Utility Ready
  • FLCWFG Set Software (LCWFG500 Configure
  • FLCWFG Status (LCWFG500 Status