The display addressing waveforms are created automatically by the software from provided “building blocks” - a groups of pulses called here Control Windows (CW). These have to be drawn in a specific way, as described below.

The “A” waveform contains all definitions of pulse sequence for columns (data sequences). Zero-voltage pulses may be appended to the end; they will be ignored.

The “B” waveform concerns the rows. The first CW is the “non-select” sequence and will be repeated everywhere in row waveforms outside the “selection” part. The latter is defined after the CW1 (but not necessarily starting at CW2).

It is necessary that the CWs are marked by vertical lines. Use VIEW menu MARK SEQUENCES…to obtain this.

The screen should look like this:

For a typical one line at a time addressing there can only be two waveforms present. If there is a third waveform, the program understands that row signals are different in odd and even frames.