You are presented with a series of dialogs to define the steps in the “script”.

Step 1

State how many frames are to be generated during this step. By default this number is same as in the N*BURST command. The waveforms are generated as defined on the computer screen.

Step 2

In this dialog you have to state how the waveforms in each channels should be rolled (see ROLL WAVEFORM… command) before entering each consecutive step. The rolling is defined in terms of the number of pulses:

  • Negative numbers mean roll left;
  • Positive numbers mean roll right;
  • Zero means unchanged.

The number of pulses is relative to the previous state. Values in the fields corresponding to channels that are not present in the hardware have no effect.

The rolling refers to channels, not waveforms. Same waveform can be assigned to all channels, but each channel is then treated individually in the script.

In each row you have also to state how many frames are to be generated in the step.

Step 3

The script can be generated once or a 32-bit number of times. Please note the total number of steps in the script shown in this dialog equals one initial step plus the number of rows in the second dialog.