Couple the selected pulse to a reference pulse (make it a “slave” pulse). Invokes a dialog where have to chose a master using a pop-up menu and type the coupling parameters (multiplication and offset).

Its amplitude will from now on follow the equation:

Aslave = n * Amaster ± offset

The default is n = 1 and offset = 0. When a ‘coupled’ pulse is altered, the software readjusts the amplitude of the master pulse, propagates the change to all members of the coupling chain (coupled pulses may be in different waveforms, even those not shown on the screen), and finally transmits the appropriate information to the waveform generator (if connected and in “auto” mode).

The color of the coupled pulse changes to blue.

A “slave”’ can be created by simply executing DUPLICATE or COPY / PASTE commands on a “master” pulse. The “slave” created in such way will have the same amplitude as its
“master”. To obtain an inverted “master” invoke INVERT SELECTION command (ctrl-F5).

If changing an amplitude of a coupled pulse should cause that another coupled pulse runs out of range, the amplitude of the current pulse will be readjusted in order to keep all amplitudes within limits. So do not get angry, when the program refuses to place the amplitude bar exactly where you want it - check what happens with other pulses in the coupling chain!